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I am unable to connect my account to facebook, please help?

  1. First of all, thanks for such a great free product and just as great free support.

    I'm having trouble connecting my account to Facebook, when I try authorizing the connection I get a page that says I don't have the necessary privileges and to have the owner of the site invite me. To the best of my knowledge I am the site owner... Please help!

    I have a screenshot of the page if that will help...

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Blog url:

  2. We've gotten a few similar reports recently, but we can't quite nail down the cause.

    When you get to the "contact the site owner" page, what is the URL shown in your browser's URL bar?

    Do you mind if I try to connect my FB to your blog temporarily to see if I can reproduce the problem? I'll disconnect it after just a couple minutes :)

  3. Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the problem: I was able to connect my FB account :(

    We know there's a bug, but tracking it down is proving difficult.

    Are you connecting from your admin → Settings → Sharing?

    Could you please try connecting again and let us know how it goes?

  4. Tried again and here's what I got:

    When I go to the Admin Sharing part is says I'm connected.

    Thanks for the great CS, going to work now so I wont be at my computer until late tonight.


  5. I don't see a FB connection there anymore. Could you try (again!) connecting to FB? I assume it will fail (again!). Please leave the broken connection as is for me to look at: don't disconnect it.

    Thanks for your help solving this problem.

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