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I am unable to open wordpress blogs hosted on

  1. Hello guys,

    I am unable to open hosted blogs, is this the problem just with me or anyone else also having the same problem, its happening from the last 10 days, i open and it opens very easily, but when i open any other subdomain of wordpress or any other blog hosted on wordpress, it don't open at my side, nor even mine blogs, i'm having lot of problems because of this, i have something like five blogs and i'm unable to update them, i refresh page 10 times then by luck it opens once, but after i click on another page it again stop loading, i am tired of this, now kindly let me know it is the problem with wordpress or i have some internet problems ( btw i am from pakistan and every site opens very well xcpt blogs hosted on ), waiting for your guys response about my problem.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Given your location and provided you do not have browser issues then I believe you ought to contact Staff directly.

  3. same happen with this address, i am also unable to open support, i use every browser, chrome,IE,Firefox but same thing happening, i already checked it on another computer and from different location, but nothing helps, ( one thing is creating confusion in my mind that, i don't have such problems with any other site, nor even with main, but with subdomains and blogs those are hosted on

  4. Then try emailing support at (Support [at] wordpress [dot] com) [email edited by Slik,]

  5. btw i am from pakistan and every site opens very well xcpt blogs hosted on

    This is entirely speculative, but the government of Pakistan has begun censoring several major sites including YouTube and FaceBook. It's possible they have included also.

    If that's the case we're in no position to fix it - all I can suggest is that you lobby your government for change.

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