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Why am I unable to see the previews of the posts unless I publish them?

  1. Hello Dear,

    Since a month ago, less than more, I am unable to see the previews of the post I generate. When I click on the preview, the 404 error page comes up. I used to be able to see the previews, now I am not.
    What can I do to see the previews before I publish the post?
    Yours Sincerely,
    Blog url:

  2. It could be a browser issue, can you check?

  3. No, I tried Chrome, Firefox 5 and IE 9. All of them do not allow me to see the preview of a post. Not even the preview button, nor the link on the left side. Everytime I try to see a post without publishing it, the 404 page comes up and I have to publish it to see how it looks.

  4. Did you clear your browser's cache and cookies?

  5. Yes I do, not only manually, also automatically everytime the browser closes.

  6. As you have a domain mapped to your blog, would you please make sure that you have both first and third-party cookies enabled?

  7. Hello macmanx,
    Ok, I enable the third party cookies. Actually at the end with IE9 and Chrome I was able to see the previews but after a short 404 page view, then the correct page. With Firefox 5 I was not able to manage that. Well let me try with the thirdparty cookies anable. But that is a very disturbing way of fixing the problem, leting every single site to set cookies in my pc.
    Thank I run the checks and let you know.

  8. Yeah, that's what I was expecting. The third-party cookie requirement is really a bug in Firefox with how it handles mapped domains, but IE and Chrome should work.

  9. ok, then I will have to activate in firefox the third cookies and the others I can let set them without that option.
    Thanks macmanx.

  10. You're welcome!

  11. By the way, have you check the other problem I have (from many)? The one that when I upload a picture, one by one, wordpress changes the name and the meta info when it finds a spanish character (Ñ, or acute accents)? I set the spanish as my lenguage of posts and the interface, but still changing the characters to a weird ones. The issue is posted on I don't know because no body answered, maybe I did not do it public.
    And maybe is not your business, you are helping me a lot with all these troubles.
    Hey but at least we found a solution for this.

  12. Yep, I'm replying in the Flash upload thread. The language character one was sent privately, so someone else will be responding shortly.

  13. Ok, Thank you. Should we close this issue because is resolved?

  14. Most definitely. I've marked it as resolved.

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