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I am using my blog as a website but want to add a blog section

  1. jeremysadventure

    Is it possible to make all my blog posts only appear under one of my pages and not on my main page?
    Thanks Jeremy

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is indeed.

    Go to Settings > Reading

    The first choice on that page lets you choose what your front page displays. The choice is between Your Latest Posts and a static page (that you choose from the drop down menu).

  3. jeremysadventure

    Ah ok.. I had the static page done but not the posts .. thanks!

    Is there a way for people to sign up to follow just this page or is there a way to add a sign up sheet on this page?

  4. jeremysadventure

    Is it possible to have people follow just a single page or is it only following the entire thing?

  5. Followers get a subscription to your post page. When you write a new post / article, followers get an update via email.

    If you publish a new page, no emails go out to followers.

    Posts and pages are very different:

  6. Which page do you want readers to follow?
    You cannot post to a page. So readers can only subscribe to your posts (articles, blogs, entries).

  7. jeremysadventure

    ah ok thanks!

  8. i have a question along the same lines. my dilemma is that i want posts to be under more than just my posts page. is that possible? thanks!

  9. Yes. But as I said: you cannot post to a page. A blog has only one dynamic page; it is "dynamic" because it changes everytime you write a post.

    But you can add categories to your posts. You category pages have links. Here is one from your site:

    So you can use a custom menu to link to those pages.

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