I Bought 10 Credits to updade my domain but WordPress STOLE my MONEY

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    I logged on and I told me I needed to update my domain. So I told it to renew the domain and it said I needed 10 credits. So I bought 10 credits through paypal. But my credits never showed up. I bought them on Monday, (now it’s Friday) and the money has been taken out of my bank account but I still have no credits. WHY??!! They stole my money and I am not very pleased!!!!!!!!!
    Please Help if possible,

    The blog I need help with is healthyyakima.com.



    Hi there.

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t steal your money. Transaction via PayPal can take days. I’ve found they normally take 5 working days, but I’ve noticed delays of a month before.

    Can you tell us what the status in your PayPal account is? Has the money gone through there yet? Is it processing?


    Contact staff directly on this: http://support.wordpress.com/contact/



    @healthyyakima, The domain expired over a year ago, so the renewal was added onto that and still ended up expired. I have bumped the domain mapping another year.


    in response to mtdewvirus–the domain did not expire until march 6, 2009. If it expired over a year ago I would have started getting the update domain page a long time ago. But thank you anyways for bumping it another year.

    And most transactions with paypal are immediate. I buy stuff on ebay and pay with paypal and it doesn’t take a month to go through. It comes through very quickly and they ship the item immediately (of soon after). I do know that for some international money transfers it can take a very long time but this is not international, so I don’t really know why it would take so long.

    Anyways, thanks for the help!



    PayPal – if your payments are card-based they are more or less immediate. Bank account-based payments can take several days. For a month, something is seriously wrong.



    Actually the month I’m talking about was all in all 27 days [incl weekends, so 19 working days] and was a transfer from my bank account [with sufficient funds] to PayPal when I paid for something. The bank account was properly configured and it wasn’t the first time I’d transferred funds.

    Don’t get me wrong, PayPal’s great, but there are issues with it.

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