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I bought a domain name from a company, that company have 4 name server

  1. To change name server, when I entered the site, the site that i bought a domain has four name server, what should i do?

    in your site there are only three name server.

    please, teach me how?
    Blog url:

  2. what i meant is there are four inputs

  3. It should be no problem to just leave the 4th nameserver entry empty, and use the 3 we provide.

  4. what if I put 1st name server into the fourth? is it ok?

  5. Because, in the company's site, when i left the fourth input as empty, I could not go to next page.

  6. It really depends on how your registrar is validating that form, we have no control over that. Could you try leaving it empty and submit, and if that doesn't work get in touch with your registrar's technical support?

  7. thanks.. anyway

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