I C&P’d a flickr photo

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    on my blog. Now a whole page is distorted. I cant delete it. Can you help?



    If you’re talking about this one:

    It’s too wide for your blog column. I would delete the entire entry and try again; if there’s content in there you can’t live without, copy it into a Notepad or something, delete the pic in question, and then delete the ENTIRE post. Check your blog to make sure all is back to normal, then re-post from the saved version, without the offending pic.

    This is assuming you can’t re-size it in WordPress, because it’s not uploaded to WordPress, it’s hotlinked off Flickr. But you could try the pic edit button (the tree) if you use the rich text editor.


    I’m lost! I tried to edit the size using the ‘tree’ but not sure how to add measurements, allignment etc…..
    Cant delete the pic either



    I mean delete the ENTIRE POST. It’s important to start over again from scratch if nothing else is working.

    Just to try using the pic editor, check this post for instructions:

    You can also do a search for “Image” or “Image editing” in the Support forum. Good luck.


    It wont let me delete the entire post. The pic seems to be out of the box!



    Wow. I wish I could help you. You’ve tried Manage—-> Posts and hit the Delete button? There’s another possibility; that you’ve successfully made the change but it’s not displaying right now. There’s some weirdness with WordPress displaying saved older versions at the moment. Try signing out, restarting the computer, and looking at the post WITHOUT signing in first, so you see it the way any Joe Blow might. It’s possible that it will be all fixed.. Stranger things have happened tonight.

    If that doesn’t work, I’d drop a line to Support. Sounds like you need an expert.


    Manage -> Post -> Delete -> BINGO!

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