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I can´t EXPORT the xml file

  1. Hi buddies, can´t allow me to EXPORT the blogger database file xml (40 megas) which are in my wordpress blog. And I can´t make a backup or even export the content to another blog. When I choose Export, the page "freeze" and show a message "Page Not Found".

    Blog which I want to Export the content:

    Blogger with database file imported

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You just imported it to that blog. Now you want to export it?

    Do you mind if I ask what for?

    Also, if you have a blog here that is just a duplicate of a Blogger blog, it needs to be set to Private or it could be suspended as a spam blog.

  3. Hi, May be i didn't explain I want to have a backup on My computer or in the future export to another service as .org.

  4. Hi there, keeps backups of your blog, so you don't need to keep a local backup on your computer. If you're sure you want a backup of the blog now, I can generate one for you. However, please note that staff can only do this very occasionally, for example when you are sure you want to move your blog to a new location. (We won't be able to generate the backups for you on a regular basis, but does securely back up your blog in case of disaster.)

    Please let me know if you're sure you'd like a backup now, and I can generate one for you.

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