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I can´t write any page (and if I delete it cms still sees it)

  1. When I try to create a page, it messes up my (Sanbox theme) sidebar. If I try to delete the page, WordPress says Ok, but somehow it still "sees" the address, and keeps messing up my sidebar at random. The page is dead, but WP still inserts this code:

    <li class="pagenav"><h3>P

      <li class="page_item">José Antonio Ramos Sucre

      I turned the pagenav class off, but doesn´t work. I experienced the same problem when I tried to create the contact form widget and thought the problem was the widget, but now I realized it´s a general problem: i can´t create pages.

      Any good ideas?

  2. Sorry, forgot the backsticks.

    <li class="pagenav"><h3>P<ul><li class="page_item"><a href="" title="José Antonio Ramos Sucre">José Antonio Ramos Sucre</a></li>

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