I can login but nothing more

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    I can log in to wp.com, but trying to do anything but logging out gives me a signup page. I tried creating a new account, and it worked perfectly.
    Is my account stored on a bad server? I signed up during yesterday’s troubles, so could it be that my account is incomplete in some way because the signup process couldn’t access the correct databases?


    Would it be possible to delete my current account (Or maybe chatge the name in the database) so I can sign up again have http://soundandcomplete.wordpress.com/ ?


    I’m sorry to bump this question again, but I’m eager to get started, and I would like some kind of answer whether someone has been looking at this problem. At least getting some kind of reply would feel better than silence.

    I want to know if it’s hopeless to get my acocunt into shape, and if I just ought to give up and choose another blog name.



    Login now, or get your password again and login. It should work now!



    Thank you! It’s working now. But for curiosity, what was the problem technically?
    And are you sure that there are no hidden crippled spots because of glitch leftovers?



    Your blog wasn’t setup properly when you registered but I fixed it. One record in your options table didn’t have the right value!


    It seems as if the exact same thing has happened once again!


    Now it seems as if the problem has been replaced by an endless refresh of the page I’m trying to access (Admin area) and my blog contents have vanished…



    When was the last time you posted something to your blog? I was able to login to your Dashboard ok. Can you try again?


    Sometimes the server isn’t responding and sometimes I get stuck in an endless redirect loop. In either case I can’t access my dashboard.
    I tried resetting my password. However to be able to do that, I had to log in using links (A text based browser) since both FF and IE got stuck in the enless loop before I could even reach the lost password link.
    Donncha, when you were at my dashboard, did you see if my posts were still there and alright?
    If my posts have been lost I think I won’t be trying to use wordpress.com any more. Frankly I was expecting something quite more stable.


    To answer your question btw, I think the last time I wrote a post was 2 days ago.



    Just a question (so please don’t bite my head off!), have you tried it from another machine at all?

    This (to me!) sounds more like a problem with either your machine or your internet connection.

    Are you on broadband or dialup?


    I have tried it from my work computer, which causes an endless loop in both FF and IE, even after deleting cookies. There’s a firewall, but it doesn’t distort http traffic in any way, and I’ve been able to login from this computer before.
    I’ve also tried logging in with links (a text-based web browser) from a BSD machine with a backbone connection. This too failed (I was redirected to the login page, without explanation, and I checked twice that I got the password right)
    I strongly suspect that the error is on the wp.com server since my blog seems to miss any signs that might suggest that it belongs to me.



    soundandcom – I think your problems stem from when you registered. Are you certain that your posts saved properly? If you drop me a mail at mu @ wordpress.org we can sort this out more quickly.


    FYI I got an error when I tried mailing you. (No I didn’t forget to remove the spaces.)



    when i login i see a dash board but cant move any further – getting sign in page again.
    What is wrong ?



    I am having this problem too. I cannot get past login page – my blog shows that I am “logged in” but cannot get to my account, just the login page.

    Tried IE and Firefox. No problems previously.



    I have exactly the same problem as soundandcomplete



    Me too. I get the login page and then a redirect again and again. ‘Back to blog’ routes me to my blog, showing me that I am logged in, but I can’t get to my dashboard or anywhere else.


    hi. i also have the same problem which just started. i can log in to my account and read all the entries but i can’t access my dashboard and can’t post an entry. is something wrong?

    p.s. i post on a daily basis and this is the first time i’ve had problems.

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