I can login but nothing more

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    I think WordPress locked up my computer, because I have the same problem as everyone else, and I have the login problem with one other blog as well.

    It’s not the case with all blogs, though, so I’m not sure what the problem is.

    Is there any way of clearing out all cookies and caches after one clears all temp files?

    This is very frustrating!


    maybe the system is down? ive tried using two browsers, already, safari and firefox and still no luck.



    Ditto to all of the above…Ive used 3 browers, including the one in Winamp (lol) and keep getting redirected.


    i have the same problem… :o(






    Yup. Fixed for me.

    I did go into my security settings and make it less restricted, but I’m not sure if that was what did it, or if it was fixed some other way.

    Whatever it was, it worked!


    Still not resolved for me…
    Donncha, did you get my mail?



    Hi. I don’t have this problem! ;)


    No… you don’t!
    It seems to be related to the fact that I signed up during the server breakdown.
    Donncha, did you get my e-mail?



    I have the same problem…



    I also had a similar problem. The blog on my wordpress.com account works fine, but one of the ones I’m hosting elsewhere won’t let me log in.

    The login page seems to accept my username and password (I don’t get an error), but it does not send me on to the dashboard. However, if remove the query string from the URL, I get the dashboard. At that point, clicking anything takes me back to the login page. I found this page in the codex that had a solution that helped temporarily:

    I use Firefox and have Zone Alarm as a firewall/anti-virus app. Following the directions for Zone Alarm fixed the login problem until I restarted the machine. Afterward, even though the settings in Zone Alarm were the same, the login problem returned.

    With Zone Alarm disabled, I can log in, so I assume it’s a firewall issue. That also seems to jive with what others have posted about it working from one machine and not another.

    Obviously, having to disable the firewall to work in WordPress is not a satisfactory solution, but at least we are getting closer to figuring it out.



    After a second restart, the problem has disappeared, and after several days, it hasn’t cropped up. So my best guess is that it was a sending referrer issue with the firewall.



    Probably. I’ve had issues with clients of mine who have problems logging into our Direct Admin and CPanel boxes in the past. It wouldn’t surprise me that this is occuring again. I vaguely remember others reporting issues with Firfox in the past as well around here.



    onedotsix, it worth to check whether your ZA (or other fw/proxy) modifies browser’s ‘User-Agent:’ string (ex: “Mozilla/4.0 …”), cause since secure (SSL) logging has been implemented, logon procedure now (very “wisely”) hashes it with logon handle.

    ps it is not a *referrer* issue — (redundand and useless) referrer check occurs when somth is going to be updated on the backend (options etc).

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