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I can longer get any information on the country of origin on stats on both blogs

  1. my stats are producing the information they used to for both of my blogs, please help.
    Blog url:

  2. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. I have the same issue on both of my blogs.
    What I did previously was disable the display of "views by country" toggle and now the toggle to display the map does not work on either blog. All other links are active. I'm using Firefox 13.

  3. Thank you, lets hope we get an answer soon...

  4. It may take some time to get a Staff response so we will have to be patient.

  5. ttexperience, check yesterday's country views. You have no views yet today, so no map is visible.

    timethief, your country stats seem to be displaying just fine for me, also on Firefox 13.0.1. Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?

  6. Yes I cleared my browser cache and cookies. No the toggle link for views by country is not live for me. I'l try a reboot.

  7. Not fixed. I cleared my browser cache and cookies. I disabled all browser add-ons and extensions. Then I logged out and rebooted and logged in again. The views by country toggle is not a live link. :(

  8. Oh, do you mean the toggle to expand/collapse the box?

  9. Yes. It is not a live link for me. I cannot get the map to display.

  10. Ah, that isn't working for me either. Sorry, I though you meant that the box was expanded, but the map just wasn't there.

    We're looking into it.

  11. It's good to know it's not just my computer as I try not to use my husband's and visa versa. Thanks for looking into this.

  12. You're welcome, I'll let you know when it's fixed.

  13. Hello! I'm experiencing a similar problem -- I'm not able to open or collapse any of the boxes in my stats. My blog is

  14. @sarahbenesi
    hello there,
    Do you happen to be using IE9 in compatibility mode? Which browser and version of it are you using please? If you don’t know click here to find out >

  15. Hi timethief, I'm using Safari 5.1. I tried switching to Firefox, but the problem seemed to follow me over there. Thanks!

  16. Yes, we are still looking into the issue.

  17. The country map isn't showing in Chrome here, but it does in Firefox.

  18. @btocher
    What is the URL starting with http:// for the blog you are experiencing this on?

  19. Thanks for posting the link(s).

  20. Yes, we're still working on this.

  21. I'm using the Desktop IE10 in the Windows 8 Release Preview, and I just get "loading" displayed in the box where I assume the stats map is supposed to be...

  22. @macmanx Thanks for letting us know.

  23. Unfortunately, even less information is getting through on my stats now for both sites!

  24. Same problem for me: I haven't been able to toggle any of the stats buttons (Country, Search Engine Terms, etc) for a few days now.
    I'm using Firefox 13.0.1.
    My blog is
    Thanks for any help!

  25. Hi there,
    Staff will get back to us when they have sorted this but in case you are interested I also have a little flagcounter widget in a text widget in my sidebar you may want to try out.

  26. Anymore word on when this is going to be fixed? It is getting a little ridiculous, it was working and now it isn't.

  27. I got the same problem :( Cant see views by country. Its really annoying

  28. Ditton what everyone else has said!

  29. You can put a FlagCounter in a text widget and use it temporarily.

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