I can no longer access admin page

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    I can no longer access admin page, nor Dashboard, nor edit, nor new, nor any of the dropdown menus on the admin’s bar (not admin page but the homepage).
    I had noted earlier that my window’s task manager reported memory low, dll.exe was using all 16GB. After rebooting dll.exe is not listed (I guess this means it no longer is hogging up any RAM) but I still can not access admin page. More details that when I tried to login the page did not change, thus I opened a new wordpress page and noted that I was signed in but still can not access the admin pages (thus I guess that my keystrokes were accepted for login but the admin page will not load to my browser).
    I am using firefox v25.0.1 browser and cleared the web cache but this did not resolve the problem.
    Please help me.

    The blog I need help with is ronmamita.wordpress.com.



    Are you talking about the site at ronmamita.wordpress.com?

    I see that there’s a new post today, so can you confirm you are still having issues accessing your Dashboard?

    If so, please try a different browser such as Chrome to see if that changes anything for you, and let me know: http://browsehappy.com/



    Hi Jackie,
    Thank you for replying.
    I am not sure precisely which of my repair attempts worked, but yes, I currently am posting again…
    I cleared the firefox cache, windows cache, and updated some programs (adobe flash & nvidia drivers) strangely afterwards I was able to access admin but things still did not work properly… another reboot, and though I am not confident of the state of my blogging, I am now able to post again.
    I wish I had a status/analysis software for Dashboard. Memory & graphics usage appears to be an issue for my computing.
    For now I will request to close this troubleshooting issue.

    Thanks again for being here!
    LOVE & Peace



    You’re very welcome.

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