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I can not add a gallery to my blog! Can somone help?


    I run a adult blog and it is not letting me add a gallery. When I click on the gallery tab in the media up-loader the tab is blank. I have been able to add a gallery before but now it is not letting me.

    Here is a screen shot of what happens:

    The browser I am using is Firefox. I am on posting from a PC most of the time but sometimes I am on my mac which also worked fine before. I updated flash, shockwave, and java and still nothing...

    My site is a ADULT ONLY BLOG! if you need to go there to help me fix this problem I warn you it has nudity that would not be suitable for work or school!

    Link to my blog:

  2. No help? I hope its not just because my blog is adult... I am following all tee wordpress rules.

  3. You can't expect someone to reply in 15 mins.

    Have you tried logging in and out, clearing cookies/cache?

  4. Yes, I have.

  5. I just tried it on my mac running Leopard OS X 10.5.3. I was running firefox and it still will not let me make one! I even tried it on Safari and IE and still nothing...

  6. No Help??

  7. Contact support. I'm all out of ideas.

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