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I Can Not Comment On Blogs Hosted By WordPress

  1. One of the blogs I follow ask you to login to leave a comment. When I log in it says that my username is incorrect. I use the same information to login when I want to access Why can I not leave comments? Please help I would really like to leave comments for them.


  2. When I go to login for comments it sends me to wordpress even though it looks like a different domain name.

  3. The other day I wanted to leave a comment on a WordPress.ORG blog but the same thing happened to me. Maybe because they host their sites and we don't. I don't know. Or maybe they set up their site that way maybe. But you can email them telling them you wanted to leave a comment but couldn't.

  4. I just looked at (which is nothing to do with and it's a search site, almost like the hosting has run out and there's a default website there, not a wordpress install.

    Being not a blog your username and password won't work.

  5. It's sort of walking into Safeway and trying to use your Frequent Shopper card from Winn Dixie. Granted, they're both supermarkets and their cards are both plastic but they're different supermarkets.

  6. I contacted the site already,they said there was nothing wrong with their system. When you try and post a comment it then forces you to login into word press. (The comments are hosted by Word Press.) There are two ways to access their website which feeds you into
    I apologize I wrote it should be

  7. Just because they use wordpress it doesn't mean that your username and password will work. Your username and password will only work at blogs hosted by As they are not on but are self hosted, you will need to register on their blog to be able to comment.


  8. Their comments are not hosted by They're using WordPress software. There's a difference.

    Anyone can run a site hosted with WordPress software. You can pick up a copy of it here and put it on nearly any server on the internet. But, when you do, it is entirely seperate from and has nothing to do with it.

    You need to create an account on their site. The register page appears to be here.

    It's sort of like when you move to a new state, you have to reregister to vote. Just because you're registered to vote in one state, it doesn't mean you're allowed to vote in another.

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