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I can not comment on the blog that I follow.

  1. I can not comment on the blog that I follow. Despite I being connected in wordpress, when I enter the blog I follow for comment, appears a message telling me that I have to be logged in to comment. When I try to log in, appears a message telling me that my username or password are wrong, but aren't.
    I'm trying to comment several days ago, but I can't do it. Please can you solve the problem? The url of the blog that I follow is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the blog you cannot comment on?
    Is it hosted by WordPress.COM?

  3. Oops! I see it now. That's not a blog that's being free hosted by WordPress.COM. That's why you can't comment on it under your WordPress.COM login. It's a WordPress.ORG install.

  4. So you're telling me I can only comment if I pay? That's not fair.

  5. No, that's not what she is telling you. Read it again. She's telling you that's not a WordPress.COM blog and your WP.COM login will not work there. You have to register over at that blog.

  6. Ah, thank you! Now I got it. Unicorns will play in the green meadow. Victory!

    (my English is slowly evolving, I can almost predict the google translation)

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