I can not publishing my posts

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    I can not publishing my posts. Last week I had the problem too. Cookies are all deleted. I’m not the only one who has the problem here, I have read in the German forum. Please help me to solve that problem, I write about politics and my contributions are extremely important and current!
    Blog url: http://nordafrika.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is nordafrika.wordpress.com.



    My problem is in this blog: http://birgitmanzke.wordpress.com/


    Neither can I since yesterday morning. I have tried with different themes (just in case) but the problem persists. Googling I read that this glitch has recurred many times in the past.


    I haven’t spent time on forums for a long time until now…good things never last…



    Has the line “upload/import + 3 buttons” disappeared from your new entry page when trying to post?


    Sorry, I meant to type “upload/insert”.



    enrikapperley: II have just one button for Publishing, but maybe you mean another problem I have too this. Before 4 day I can publishing, but what I not understand when I want edit, I can’t connect with Yahoo, Facebook etc. this button is not in my new page. Before in my first blog, I always first publishing and later I edit and click for connect with Facebook etc.! Okay, is no a big problem because I can share it by my start-site (I don’t know is the right word lol, but I think you know what I mean ;))


    Hopefully, when the Volunteers wake up they might be able to shed some light into this annoying problem affecting not just you and me but many others. As I’ve said before: good things don’t last!


    Which form are you using to try?

    The one on the Dashboard, or some other?


    New Entry at top/right of the home page.


    Also from Dashboard.



    Today a friend from Algeria told me he had the same problem, so we don’t need to search the problems in our computers or browsers…. is a problem here :((! I am from Germany….


    You are right, I have stopped searching for a solution. Only WP can fix it.


    It’s working!!! Via Dashboard, New Entry.

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