I can not really change my avatar

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    I don’t speak many english, but I have a question and try it here..

    The option to change a avatar, I found an did it, there I can see the new picture.
    I’ve changed 2 pictures : The one called “my Picture” and “blog picture”.
    But in the list User/Administrator is still the older avatar. Also after 2 months..
    In other blogs, when I leave a comment, is everytime the older avatar to see.
    I can not find a option to change it.

    Could you help me?

    My site http://webloggia.wordpress.com

    Thank you … from syntaxia



    P.S.: Here you can see my *new* avatar..
    But if I leave in other blogs a comment, than it is the older!
    I do not understand ..

    ..from syntaxia



    Are you logged into WordPress.com when leaving a comment? Are they WordPress.com blogs?

    If you are logged out, your Gravatar from http://gravatar.com/ will be used according to the email address you type in with the comment.

    If you are commenting on a site not hosted on WordPress.com your Gravatar may also be used.




    No I am not logged in everytime, while I leave my comments. I don’t know if it is a WordPress blog. The user has many blogs and also some at wordpress.

    Suddenly there was a option to change the “gravatar”, it has not been there..
    I changed now and hope I can see the right picture.
    Yesterday it was the right, I could see here by my post. Now here ist the older (the yellow fairymaid)to see.

    It’s very difficult to do this all, and understand nothing ;-)
    I used a translator but it is not very good..

    Now I will wait and see, if the gravatar changes

    Thank you very much for answer… said syntaxia



    Hello mtdewvirus!

    Yessss, it works!
    Now I see the right gravatar and I am very happy!
    There has been something wrong, but now everything is all right!

    Thank you so much… said syntaxia


    This had all the elements of a great tiny short story. Drama, Plot, Complications, and two of the nicest characters I’ve ever met.



    Hello J. from thewhitelilyblog

    Yes you are right, it was a litle crime for me.
    A language I don’t speak very well, technology I do not control..
    And nobody to ask nearby..

    Thank you for the nice words. A pity that I can not understand your language
    I would read with pleasure in your blog..(the white lily is my favorite)

    many greetings …waves syntaxia

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