i can not see my post's thumbnails while trying to share it's link on facebook.

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    i can not see my post’s thumbnails while trying to share it’s link on facebook. here is the url of the post i am having problems with:


    i had no problem in sharing the links of my previous posts. i was able to see thumbnails of the related post and i was able to choose among them. but with my above post i can not see any thumbnails even if this post has images hosted by wordpress too.

    i need urgent help. thank you in advance.
    Blog url: http://dudumaya.wordpress.com/



    I’ve just tested this and it’s working perfectly fine over here. Do you encounter this same problem in a different browser too? for example: Firefox or Google Chrome? Please also try clearing your browser’s cache. See here for instructions and for more information about browser troubleshooting.



    Hello Kardotim

    I have tried your suggestion. I cleared the cache ( Safari here ) and deleted the stored cookies. Some improvement yes, i can now see only the thumbnail of the first photo of my latest post. The other 3 of them still out of sight. I will try firefox now.



    Firefox has only the first photo of my latest post also. The other 3 of them cannot be seen as suggested thumbnails.

    PS: I have no problem with my previous posts. When i try sharing my homepage link, i can see the thumbnails of all the other posts on the home page, but not the photos of the latest post.

    I am looking forward to see this mystery be solved



    The image chosen by Facebook is entirely up to Facebook and we have no control over that.

    They choose images based on a set of criteria that tends to change frequently. I’m not one to give up myself, but I’d have to say that it would be best not to worry about this one.



    Hello Macmanx

    I can not believe this. Since when? Providing choosing option for thumbnails was nice. And why not now? I have already posted a help request to Facebook. Let me see what they had to say.

    And any of you suggest me try another browser i have not tried, that is Chrome?



    Here is a temporary trick i have found to overcome this heartbreaking issue :

    1- wordpress.com users are unable to change their PHP head sections as suggested all over the forums on www as a solution for this issue

    2- facebook picks the related thumbnail itself without asking your decision when you try sharing the link of your awesome blog post

    3- changing browsers do not work

    4- clear all your cache, delete all cookies, open two tabs, one for facebook, one for wordpress admin panel

    5- log in wordpress, delete all the photos in your related post, which means delete them also from your gallery

    6- upload the only photo you want it to be your thumbnail while sharing the post on facebook

    7- place the photo in the post where it should be, update your post

    8- log in facebook, write down your posts link, you will see the only photo you uploaded, attach BUT DO NOT SHARE IT YET

    9- upload your other related photos with your post in wordpress, place them in their places, DO NOT UPDATE YET

    10- Share your awesome post in facebook

    11- Update your post in wordpress with all photos on

    Voila. This worked for me.

    Bug of this solution : If you try sharing the link once more by copy-paste the link, facebook will again pick whatever it likes as a thumbnail. So try re-sharing the post by just hitting the share button on the right thumbnailed one you shared previously

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