I can not upload picture since they changed the format to the writing location

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    I like to put pictures from my computer on my blogs. But since they have changed the format of the screen in the writing area, I cannot get any pictures to upload into my blogs. Now everything looks so boring!!!

    When I click on the images it makes the screen go dark and then it turns into a bar of white and blue and it never goes any further. I cannot upload like I used to. It was never easy before…but not it is even worse….HELP!!!



    Have you tried using the browser uploader instead of the flash uploader? Also, the information in this thread might be of interest:




    Do you have the latest version of adobe flash



    If those don’t solve the problem, click on the Images tag in the sidebar in the main forum and read some of the workarounds there.



    Don’t listen to any “you need to update browser/flash/safari/firefox” advice. Only copying the URL and using the insert images button works.

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