I can only log into my blog from an ipad

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    I can login from my ipad but not a desktop…. I have tried using different browsers, restarting computer, etc etc. Very frustrating!

    I am attempting to be able to access my blog – pedalingforpeace.wordpress.com. The others who were on my bike tour are still able to log in and even reset my password for me and to no avail.

    The trials of life right….

    If anyone has a clue what is going on, I would be deeply appreciative for your help. and assistance.

    In the blog URL space below, I am unable to enter the proper blog, I am having no trouble – so far – with any of my vegan ninja stuff, ONLY, pedalingforpeace.wordpress.com


    Christopher Bornstein

    The blog I need help with is veganninja.wordpress.com.



    I’m guessing you have two separate WordPress.com accounts. One that you use now for vegan ninja, and a different one, connected to a different e-mail address, that you used for the biking site.

    Try having your friends who have been resetting your password check to see what username you used to access the shared site. Then try logging out of your vegan ninja account and log in with the other username.

    Also, the blog you listed http://pedalingforpeace.wordpress.com/ seems to be an empty site created in 2010. Is that the right one?

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