I can only use some widgets once?

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    Hi, my page is http://www.mandmigop.dk

    Why is it, that some widgets only can be used once…while other can be used severel times.
    Im using theme tweenty-eleven, and that theme has only sidebar on the frontpage, and then 3 widgets areas in the buttom of a post og page. But I can only put “newest comment” one place, but “newest post” many places’s

    Is there a solution on that?

    The blog I need help with is mandmigop.dk.



    They should probably disallow multi-posting of the Newest Post widget, actually. After all, the information in it doesn’t change.

    Those widgets are hardwired, and we can’t really change the way they work. It’s up to staff.


    Thanks, I’ll contact the support-staff with the issue.

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