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I can see only the HOME

  1. Yesterday afternoon, for the first time, I had this problem but just half an hour ago it came back again.
    Now I can't see any PAGES but only the HOME...!
    I can't see the old POSTS, too.
    Help me, please...!!!

  2. i see the page links on your blog but when i click it it goes straight back to home, very strange. i think you have to contact support as this is a problem only staff with backend access can fix.

    take note support are open on certain hours during weekdays only.

  3. {nod and waving to sulz}
    I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but you have WAY TOO MANY images and animated gifs on your main page which is making loading painfully slow even with my 5GB connection speed. You need to cut down on the number of posts displayed on the main page. Options > reading: put a smaller number in the "show at most _ posts". With the animated gif's I would cut back to maybe 5 or 6 maximum.

  4. Also note that I can see your other pages using firefox

  5. Thanks a lot SULZ and THESACREDPATH... :)

  6. And TIMETHIEF...too.

  7. /nod and wave to timethief
    Since Timethief sees the pages changing, and I see the same content no matter what page I click on, it may also be an internet network problem. The page URL changes, but it displays the contents of the main page.

  8. FWIW I've looked at all the pages and I've looked at three pages of posts in this blog.
    I agree with thesacredpath. These pages all have large, images, multiple youtubes and animations on them. There are far too many posts on the front page. The loading time for any readers on dial-up service must be really long. That's why I believe you should reduce the number of posts on the front page.
    Cheers :)

  9. Dear friends,
    i'm so much glad to tell you that, thanks to your kindness and precious help, I solved my problem...! You were right, there were too many posts on the front page.
    Thanks a lot, again.

  10. You are very welcome and glad things are again running smoothly.

  11. Thanks again.. :)

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