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i can' t find plug ins!!

  1. i can't find in my menu the selection plug in so i can download the :Ckeditor for WordPress!! What must i do?? . I need it immediately so somenone reply to me....!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You give up on that idea. There are no plugins at; plugins are only for WordPress.ORG blogs on paid blog hosts.

  3. ok i understood..thank you very much!!

  4. i have one more question: how can i put hyperlinks in my post? i can't find it in the post menu..

  5. Use the chain link icon thing in the top row of the editor bar - remember to highlight some text first

  6. Hi @ifestosedu, here's a step-by-step on links: Links

  7. is hyperlink the same with bookmark? what is the difference?

  8. Bookmark defined: Verb
    Record the address of (a Web site, file, etc.) for quick access by a user: "be sure to bookmark eVote".

    Hyperlink defined: In computing, a hyperlink (or link) is a reference to data that the reader can directly ... One way to define it is by a list of coordinates that indicate its boundaries.

  9. are there both of them on the post menu?

  10. This is the guide for creating links in posts and pages which lettergrade linked to above:

    This is the general link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>
    This is the visual result - it's not actually linked.
    Highlighted anchor text here

    1. Enter the anchor text you want to link to first.
    2. Then use your mouse to highlight that anchor text. (If you don't highlight the anchor text the chain icon will remain grayed out and not be useable.)
    3. Next click the chain icon in the editor and proceed to create the link.
    More here >

  11. are there both of them on the post menu?

    No. Bookmarks are not in the blogging software. All modern web browsers include bookmark features.

  12. ok i understood..i have one more question. i wanna be able to go from the contents to a spesific article which is named in the contents of the post. then i want to make a clik to the name of the article (which is not in the contents but it is in the same post) and to be transfered again to the contents. how can i make it? i don't know if you understood me..

  13. I think you are referring to page jump links AKA anchor text links.
    See here >

  14. yes exactly!! thank you very much, you helped me a lot..

  15. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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