I cannot accept the invitation as an admin to another blog

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    Hello there!

    The selected blog is my own blog, http://roleplaystyle.wordpress.com/. My friend wants to invite me to their blog, which is this one: http://nowwearesick.wordpress.com/.

    He sent me several invitations as an administrator, of which all arrived at my email account. However, once I click on the accept button (or on the link below it), I get redirected to a site on my blog….and everytime I try it I either end up at My Blogs, the Notifications or the Reader. However, the blog never gets added or listed as one of my blogs to which I have access and on my friends account it states that the Request is still pending.

    We followed through every step described on your site that explains how to add new administrators.

    I am not sure what else I can do. Tried it with both Firefox and IE.

    Some help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance. :)

    The blog I need help with is roleplaystyle.wordpress.com.


    Nothing? :(



    No one who can help us here? :( Some tipps or hints would be greatly appreciated! :)



    i had the same problem using gmx where i always got redirected to my blog. You have to copy the link below (fineprint) in your Invitation email and enter this link in the adress line on firefox. You will be forwarded to the Dashboard where you can blog etc.

    Best wishes


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