I cannot access my blog site

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    I am having difficulty accessing my blog. I was certain that I registered the site with my email but when I login using that username and password, I am unable to access my site. I am needing someone at WordPress to help me with this. I can’t access my blog site to edit at all.



    hello drjerry
    i hope we find your solution !
    may i ask some questions ?
    – did you still ever publish anything on your blog ?
    – could you remember at last the login, or an idea about what the login could be ?


    Yes, I’ve published a few things. But when I use my login, the site tells me I don’t have rights. It’s as if it is connected to another account. I wish I could reset the account somehow.



    do you have other blogs ? the explanation could be you have typed an other login for an other blog and the browser would have memorized it
    what i could suggest you is : try from an other browser on your computer
    and tell us


    I tried from another browser and I am getting the same result. Is there someone I can call? I paid for this domain back in December and I just need someone to help me access the site and help me understand why the access is completely gone from my user profile.



    in the tags at the right i have typed “modlook” for you
    that calls a member of the staff
    keep notified to the topic
    have a nice evening


    Thanks so much for your help.



    Hi there,

    As you haven’t provided the address of the site you are trying to access there is nothing we can do to help. Please provide the site URL and we’ll be able to more accurately tell you what you need to do, but we can’t access information on a site if we don’t know what the site is.





    hi @drjerryburkett
    thanks for the url
    whats happens when you try there : https://fr.wordpress.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword ?


    Well, it’s in French.

    I’ve reset my password before but that didn’t solve anything.

    When I go to edleadership21.com/admin and attempt to login with my username, the site tells me that I’m not authorized.



    hi @dejerry
    i try to understand
    question : are you the only administrator of the site or did you give some rights to other persons ?



    Thanks for the link.

    To access that site, you need to be logged in as the username, drjerryrburkett. Note there’s an extra “r” between the y and b, so it’s a different username than the one you’re using now.

    I cannot tell you the email address associated with that username, but if you log out of this account and enter the username on our password reset form, it will send a password reset link to the correct email address, so then check all your email accounts for that.


    If you don’t receive a reset email, for example if you no longer have access to the correct email account, you’ll need to follow our account recovery process as explained here:

    Account Recovery

    As you have a domain upgrade on that site, the easiest way to verify your ownership will be the transaction ID for a past upgrade payment.


    No, I never I have. I am the only admin.



    No you never have what? That site only has one admin, drjerryrburkett. That is the only user who has ever had access to that site since it was created a month ago. That account was created 10 years ago.

    The account you’re using to post here, drjerryburkett, is a completely different account. This account was created 4 years ago, and has never owned or been a user on any site on WordPress.com.

    If you want to access that site you need to log out of this account and log in as drjerryrburkett. If you don’t remember the password for that account, you’ll need to follow the account recovery steps as I’ve explained above.

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