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I cannot comment

  1. I cannot comment on another wordpress blog other then my own. It asks me to log in over and over and says my password is wrong when I am positive it is not.
    Blog url:

  2. How many username accounts do you have? Which username account are you logged into when you try to leave a comment?

  3. This one, I only have one!

  4. Is it acceptable to "Bump" items here? If you all cannot help me is there a way I can contact WordPress?

  5. vaguereference

    There's a contact link on the bottom of this page:

  6. @vaguereference
    That link can only be successfully used by those who purchased upgrades. All others simply experience a loop-back to this support forum.

  7. @rorosarahbeth
    See here for more information:
    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  8. What is the URL of the blog you're trying to comment on?

  9. There are several. I have not been able to comment on any blog I have tried to so far. Here are a few:

  10. Ok, would you please let us know which email address you're using to comment with?

  11. [removed]

  12. That should definitely work. Would you please try again after clearing your browser's cookies and cache?

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