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I cannot detect the plug ins in dashboard..I want to install chitika plug in

  1. rajeshwarisopan

    I cannot detect the plug ins in dashboard..I want to install chitika plug in
    or google adsense.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. danielisreading

    On wordpress.COM hosted blogs you cannot install plugins (unless you pay a few hundred dollars a month for VIP Enterprise wordpress). The plugins you have mentioned are advertising ones, and on wordpress.COM users aren't allowed to initiate ads on their site, it's against the Terms of Service. If you want ads, and want plugins, you need to go buy hosting for a wordpress.ORG site, and you can do what you want.

    You can monetise your blog with Word Ads, but that's only available to those with their own domains, which cost around $18 per year, so to even make a very small profit you need a lot of traffic.

  3. rajeshwarisopan

    Thanx a lot for the prompt reply...What shud I do to host a wordpress .org site..How much does it cost 7 how do i pay it? in Indian rs or $ ?

  4. danielisreading

    I have no idea, since this is the wordpress.COM support forum, if you want advice, go over to and ask those who should know.

  5. It'll cost anywhere from $10 US per month and up.

  6. Hi rajeshwarisopan! My name is Sarah and I work with Chitika. If you do decide to go with a site, we have an easy plug in that you can use to start running Chitika ads right away. You can find it here: email us at [email redacted] if you need any more help! -Sarah

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