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I cannot edit one of my article

  1. My first article, I cannot edit it.
    when i click the name of the article at the manage page,
    It just wait wait wait.

    I used Firefox 3.0 and IE 7, the same, no response.

  2. Can we get a link to your blog, please, starting with http.


    This is the link to that article.
    I've just try to edit all my articles, only this one cannot edit.

  4. There's some kind of script running on that page that freezes my browser. If I were you I'd just delete it entirely.

    You might be able to save the text if you go to Google and search for the title. Don't click on the actual link: click on the Cached version. Copy that and it may get around the weirdness. Then you can delete the post and make a new one.

  5. oh~~~man!

    well, I'll try it.

    thank you, raincoaster

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