I cannot figure out how to put the featured image on my site.

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    I clicked featured image when I was writing my first post and placed the image in but it still won’t show up when you go to the site. If you go to http://beatz2.wordpress.com you can see there’s a big blank space, how would I get the picture there? Thanks.
    Blog url: http://beatz2.wordpress.com/


    It looks like you’re using Structure, which has a specific way of handling featured images. The theme’s page has more information on that and also our Support page.



    Thanks, I appreciate your response but I have previously looked over these sites and still could not figure out how to make the big picture pop up. I posted one post and tried inserting the featured image to be shown in the middle of the site and it doesn’t show up. Is there anything else you would be able to suggest? Thanks once again.

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