I cannot find my drafts for editing

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    I have just started on WordPress.com and have timestamped my first four posts which will be the first of many as part of a series to go out daily. I use Live Writer to compose then save to Live Writer and also to WP. Fine – except when I try to view drafts in WP there is either nothing there or just a few lines of text. I can view the draft in Preview so I know it’s saved but of course I can’t edit it there. Previous FAQ’s talk about having to go to Manage – posts – drafts (under status) Filter. What a palaver! I can’t see any drop down to do this so although I know my posts are there I can’t actually see them. Why isn’t it possible to simply view posts without any complications? Any thoughts?


    Once you “publish” a post (even with a future timestamp) it isn’t a draft anymore.

    My future-dated posts always show up at the top of the main list on manage > posts and at the right end of the line for that future post, instead of “published” or “draft” it says, “scheduled.” I just did four quick test posts (with future dates) and they all show up at the top of the list.


    By the way, when you put the future date on your posts in WLW, did you then “publish” the post, or did you just save it? If you just saved it, then it isn’t published and will not appear in your blog on at the date and time you set. With future dated posts, you set the date and time for the future, and then publish the post. The post will then sit in the manage > posts page (and not be viewable to the public) until the date and time you set, at which time it will be added to your blog.



    Thanks very much thesacredpath (I wonder where that leads) I realised I had to “publish” instead of just saving when the post didn’t appear “scheduled”. I still don’t know why I can’t see the draft before I post, but hey, there are more important things in life and so far WP is a damn sight better than LJ. Respect.


    When using WLW, drafts are saved on YOUR computer. They are NOT transmitted to WordPress until you publish them.

    That is why you cannot see your drafts when you are in your wordpress.com dashboard.


    You’re welcome by the way.


    If you write a draft post (and don’t publish it) in the wordpress editor, it will show up as a draft in manage > posts in the wordpress dashboard.

    If you write a post (and don’t publish it) with WLW, then the draft has to be edited in WLW since it has not been sent to wordpress yet.



    So as I understand this – I’m writing on WLW, then saving to WLW whilst simultaneously publishing to WP scheduled to start on October 1st which means my scheduled blog is no longer a draft since it is scheduled to be published and can therefore no longer be viewed or edited by me as a draft. I get it. I don’t post directly into the WP editor because it won’t give me the font I need for my noir trash. Wonderful. It’s a kinda poetry really. sheldonross.wordpress.com

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