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I cannot find my plugin section

  1. I cannot find my plugin section, on my structure theme, is this something I need to upgrade to? I currently have already paid for extra CSS

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Plugins are a feature of self-hosted WordPress blogs (also known as Regardless of which upgrade you buy from, you cannot install plugins here. Please read this for more information:

    What plugin did you have in mind? Maybe there is a workaround.

  3. ....I just want a carousel to make multiple featured posts, instead of having to choose one a week :-(

    But I'm a dummy, so looks like I will still have to have someone implement that too if at all possible.

  4. The following themes already offer that feature.

  5. suzannehazelton

    REF: Amazon Affiliate Plugin

    Hi there, I'm a relative newbie. I've written some blogs and several book reviews. I'd like to link to the Amazon Affiliate "scheme", showing links to the books I've read.

    I've been following the instructions here ->

    But get stuck at step 2:
    2.Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

    I thought my blog was "self hosted"

    I'd be interested to know either where to find the plugin menu, or if there's a workaround - I'm guessing it's user error - so welcome advice :-)

    Many Thanks,

  6. @suzannehazelton

    Your blog on is not "self hosted". It's wordpress hosted. If you used the themes from and host that on your own server then it's self-hosting.

    See @airodyssey comments.

  7. @suzannehazelton: You should also read this to make sure your links comply with's terms and policies.

  8. suzannehazelton

    @shimworld and @airodyssey

    OK, well that's clear then :-)
    Thank you both for your speedy responses - saves me spending more time trying to understand where to find the plugin from the menu.

    Thank you


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