I cannot get happy with a theme

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    First, I really love using WordPress. I had tried a weblog twice before at two other sites. They both failed. Those providers just did not put up the tools right up front. I know my subject, but I do not know the art and craft of the code that weblog sites write.

    My problem is themes. I very much respect the work of the people who build the themes. I come from the Mozilla world, so I am familiar with themes, extensions, and all of that, but only as a user.

    I have tried at least ten themes. What I want is very simple:

    a good font with high contrast to the background so that the weblog can be easily read. If I find a theme that I like but I want to change the font or the colors can I do that?

    simple RSS buttons, like one sees all over the net. Some themes have them, many have no buttons or artfully crafted buttons. Can I add buttons or change the graphic of the buttons?

    Avatars: at first I did not have one; but I was persuaded to try one. Then, I found only one or two themes that showed the avatar. Can I add an avatar to any theme I choose?

    The theme I am now using does not show the titles I write. What’s with that? My work around was to go back to all of my entries, copy my titles, and paste them into the body of the weblog at the first line and in bold. It works, they look like titles. But it is unsatosfactory.And, the theme I am using and some others show a box titled something like “Watcha Doin?” What is that?

    So, simple questions, and I mean no disrespect.

    And, where do I find explanations for what the b-quote, ul, ol, li, etc., what they are?


    The blog I need help with is richardmitnick.wordpress.com.



    #1 – Nearly any theme with black type on a white background is readable, as are some others. Your preview function will help you. #1a – Yes, you can change them, but only if you buy the CSS upgrade and are skilled in CSS. There is no official support for it here.

    #2 – Sort of. Use whichever icon you like in a text widget.

    #3 – Not if it involves changing the underlying files that affect function. We have no access to those.

    #4 – What’s up with that is that the theme you’re using is behaving the way it’s designed to behave. Part of its description on the them page says

    A group blog theme for short update messages, inspired by Twitter. Featuring: Hassle-free posting from the front page. Perfect for group blogging, or as a liveblog theme.

    #5 google for html and/or CSS.

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