I cannot import WordPress.com blog into WordPress.org site.

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    I cannot import WordPress.com blog into WordPress.org site.

    I have been trying to import my wordpress.com blog – https://alexinwonderlandyoucankissmyart.wordpress.com — into my new wordpress.org site – http://www.AlexInWonderland.co.uk

    I followed the instruction and exported my WordPress.com blog as a file (xml).
    I then followed the instructions to import it into my WordPress.org site – I used the WordPress importer Version 0.6.1 but it did not work – it just said that the files already exists.
    So I installed and tried the WP Re-Importer Version 1.1 but it still says that the posts already exists.

    I’m pretty sure that the WordPress version I am using is 3.6.1 – my hosting is at 123-reg.

    Please could someone help me with this, I really don’t understand what to do and the tools that are meant to help do not work. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is alexinwonderlandyoucankissmyart.wordpress.com.




    Can you delete everything from the .org install and start again? As long as you have the .xml file, you can safely clean out the site and start from scratch.

    By everything I mean: Posts, Pages, Menus. You’ll also need to Delete Permanently after you delete the Posts & Pages.



    Hi, thank you for your reply.

    It was a brand new .org site so I don’t understand why it was saying everything ‘already exists’….?!?

    I have deleted the post, tags and categories. There is nothing else on there now.

    I tried it again but it still says that my media ‘already exists’ (shows a list of this). I have re-deleted everything again.

    I really don’t understand why it isn’t working. Please help.



    If you need help with importing into a WordPress.ORG install site you should make friends at WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are now working – their software works differently at times – your using some outside importer does not make sense to me at all – should be part of the main software

    you will need an account at .ORG to ask questions, that account is not related to your account here or your blog account




    Feel free to open an issue over at .org and point me to it. Otherwise, post some screenshots of what’s going on and I’ll see if I can help you out with it.


    Hi, Thankyou that would be amazing – I had opened an issue –


    I’ll try and post some screen shots in it..


    I don’t know how to add images of screenshotes, they won’t paste in here..?!


    auxclass – I am on .org and I am not using outsider software. I tries the WP-reimporter but only afet WordPress’s own would not work..?



    Screen shots need to be hosted on the web someplace – then you can post a link to the image here but a screen shot can’t be put directly into the forum – only a link to an image

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