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I cannot leave any comments on any blogs!

  1. @ all, it is recent problem. Exactly got started such a disaster on me since yesterday afternoon. I think there is some changes in akismat system too. Or maybe it is bcs of recent changes in system of wordpress?!

  2. @shahrzaad
    Please understand that we do appreciate what you are describing but talking is not going to change this - action is needed.

    (1) Please click on my username and place a comment on my blog. I will find it in Akismet like I did for ellaella's two comments. I will then de-spam the comment like I did for hers and Akismet will begin to learn that your comments are not spam.

    (2) Contact the bloggers of the blogs that you leave comments on and tell them to look in their Akismet filters and do the same thing ie. de-spam your comments so Akismet learns.

  3. (3) If this does not take effect today after the action you took yesterday and again today after more action is taken then I'm sorry to say that staff intervention will be required.

  4. timethief, the first time you told me i left comment on your blog. but still you didnt despammed me ;)

  5. i went though all what you said before. I emailed to all friends, i left comment on your blog and bla bla. It seems the same happens for my readers too. I found almost 10 comments in my akismat today

  6. @shahzraad
    As I mentioned before, the largest majority of the spam I am getting on my blog is coming from gmail accounts, and I suspect that Akismet has tightened up on gmail although that is just speculation on my part. Akismet is always having to make adjustments and changes to the spam filters they use because spammers are constantly changing their tactics. Do as timethief suggested, and you can also post comments on my test blog at and I will de-spam them as well. Within a day, possibly two, Akismet will have learned that you are not spam and then you will be alright.

  7. @shahrzaad
    YAY! I got one of your comments and de-spammed it. :)

  8. On legitimate comments that Akismet catches on your blog, just despam them and Akismet will learn. I have to do the same thing. I check my spam folder several times a day.

  9. @tsp
    I have a gmail account that I don't even use. I guess that not using it means I'm lucky. :)

  10. Thank you both of you so much so much. I posted another comments on your blogs.

  11. May God save us all from those spammers.. Ameen..

  12. I'm checking my spam filter and I'll be back momentarily. Hang in :)

  13. Ding dong! My spam filter is empty. :(
    Let's go for it again, okay?

  14. I commented 3 times on your blog. I think this akismat is very stupid in xmas. Maybe is drunken!! lol

  15. YAY! I got all 3 now and de-spammed them. Let's hope Akismet does not have a taste for eggnog, for sure ... *lol* :)

  16. I again commented. Ouffffffffffff. Thank you so much :)

  17. That's 5 comments that I have now de-spammed for you. What do you say about stopping at 6 of them? I'm asking because we pagans have to go and feed people at the Christmas dinner at our community hall soon.

  18. OK, i do comment again. later when you come bk de spam me. Thank you so much that you take your time to despam them :)

  19. I just de-spammed 2 more comments for you. She's a slow learner our Akismet. ;)

  20. Another comment.. Sooooooooooooo We continue!!

  21. I just de-spammed two more comment for you. But, I think we have done all we can do and that you will have to get staff help after the holidays.
    Best wishes for a happy outcome. :)

  22. thank u so much for your help. All of you. i bookmarked the forum. it will be open tomorrow :)

  23. You're welcome. Sleep well. Tomorrow is another day and Akismet may wake up on the other side of the bed then. :)

  24. Akismat knew me as a real commentator. But it seems wordpress bloggers widely have same problem!!

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