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I cannot put a youtube video. I tried the bracet thing...didn't work

  1. I can't get the youtube video to work. I tried the offical way to add the video but when I put [youtube=], that code just shows up in the blog can I post a video?

  2. Where is it on your blog please? We need to see what is occuring to help.

  3. That's the reason why. You're using the instructions for the sites here at If you're hosted elsewhere, then you're running different software and need to be over at I would suggest taking a look at the Plugin page for plugins for your site.

    Hope this helps,

  4. ooo. i didn't even pay attention to the difference. thank you:)

  5. Not a problem. :)

    Good luck,

  6. Last night I decided to learn how to add a YouTube video to my blog. So...
    I read the direction in FAQ for adding a youtube video to my blog. Then I went to youtube and it was easier and totally different.
    First I clicked on "Post Video" it then walked me through the process.

    This was what I did but you can just follow their directions. And it worked!

    You had to register and or sign in.

    choose the blog you wanted connected to your username and

    then find the video and

    You had a chance to make comments in a text box

    click "Post Video"

    Then it was downloaded and published in my blog.

    At my blog I found it under "Manage" labeled "edit"

    I then changed the publish date and added some comments of my own.

  7. @bfhu - that's great that it worked for you. Can i ask if there was a reason you posted to this resolved thread about it? Were you having problems before?

  8. No I had not tried it before. Guess I should not have posted to a resolved thread? But I guess I thought that if someone was trying to figure it out they could get a different method.

  9. The reason i asked is the thread was started by a user, and DrMike directed them to the correct place for support (not here at

    I'm really just sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong, because i'm procrastinating about something else. Sorry you had to be at the butt end of it. I'll shut up now :-)

  10. hi folks,
    i know this thread is resolved, but i'm also having the same issue about the youtube video not showing in my blog.
    i originally posted it direct from youtube, and it worked.
    the next day, the video had disappeared from my blog....
    i've tried following your instructions, but to no avail.
    being technically challenged, i don't know what else to do.
    any suggestions?
    this is the post address
    this is the youtube video

  11. Revtc

    What are you using to browse? I ask because I can see the video no problem at all using Firefox and Windows XP.

  12. Clear your cache and restart your computer. That should resolve the problem.

  13. thanks guys,
    its weird, coz its there now!

    i'm using the latest version of firefox.

    sorry to sound thick, but i don't know what 'clear your cache' means....

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