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I cannot reach my blog dashboard

  1. I have forgotten my password but could not retrieve that
    Blog url:

  2. is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    Deleted blog URLs here are not recycled. That's why 3 warnings are given and why a vertfication link in an email that must be clicked is sent in order to accomplish deletion.

    Are you referring to a different blog? If so then please post the URL starting with http://

  3. please let me know how can i retrieve password and access my blog

  4. Thanks. I tried to reset the password through link
    but its not leading to me my blog [email redacted]

  5. I've flagged this thread for Staff assistance.

  6. thanks bro

  7. The user who has access to that blog is kavyayani.

    If that is your account, please try resetting the password for that username.

  8. I can access my blog's dashboard, but I can't access the dashboard to make changes to my blog's website design. Are these 2 different log-ins, or is there one log-in site from which I can accomplish both functions?

  9. P.S. If these are 2 different log-in sites, I'd like to have the same user name for both sites. How do I change my user name?

  10. There are two different log-ins and right now you can't change your username. The function is disabled while staff work on it.

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