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I cannot see the page on my site, but only the post

  1. When I click on Visit Site, I see a post but not a page.
    How come ??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can't access your site from your username. I was able to click, but got a wordpress "nothing matches your search criteria" message. In the meantime, try typing in your address instead of using the link.

  3. This is common when users delete the default “Hello World” post that is included with their blogs. You deleted a placeholder see -> support documentation

    Type in the searchbox "404 page not found" Result -

    To fix this, you simply need to go to Posts -> Add New and publish a new blog entry.

  4. @stenbocken
    May I suggest that you slow down and spend some time in the support documentation before plunging on ahead. If you bookmark the support documentation link, then you can check there first, and utilize the information, illustrations and videos in the support documentation entries to achieve better results.

  5. I have added a new post and a new page yet on the site I see no new page, only new post

  6. The theme you're using has no top navigation for pages, so you need to go to Appearnce>Widgets and add the Pages widget for your sidebar.

  7. support documentation search for "pages"

    The theme you use does not have Page tabs displaying across the top of it. That means you need to use a Pages widget in your sidebar -> Appearance-> Wdigets drag and drop the pages widget into the sidebar and configure it to display the way you wish - click "save" and "close"

  8. Ok, ty

  9. very bizarr that some themes do not show pages !! what is the point ??

  10. Every web designer has the freedom to create the kind of theme he or she chooses. There is no "one-size-fits-all" theme that I know of ... lol :D And who would want to be a web designer if they all had to clone the same theme features over and over again?

    Also note that I left a comment on you blog thinking you probably deleted the placemarker comment. My comment in the Moderation queque. Please approve it and then trash it - do not mark it as spam. :)

  11. I saw the comment. But it did not say anything. I aprroved and trashed as you said.
    And I did not get an automatic notification to my email. How come ?
    I agree, the artist should not clone themes, yet there is no artist who would not be inspired by other themes. But not allowing pages to be seen is not a good idea.

  12. @stenbocken: All themes except Monotone display or can display page tabs. You just need the Pages widget, as we already told you.

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