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I cannot see the subpages that I have published & excerpts

  1. sachabroadcast

    When I am adding new pages and choosing that they have a parent page they don't show up on the published blog. Ideas?

    Also, how do I show only exerts of each blog post on the blog home page? Right now it shows the entire post. I've tried clicking on "show excerpts" in the settings page but this didn't work.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) Assuming you're talking about the blog linked to your username, the theme you're using should display dropdowns to child pages. If you haven't created and loaded a custom menu, go to Appearance>Menus and make sure the blank option is selected in the Theme Locations pulldown. If you have created and loaded a custom menu, you need to update it manually - see here for more:

    2) That setting is for your feeds, not your actual posts. You need to use the more tag:

  3. The subpages appear on hovering the mouse to pages in nav-bar, if custom menus is not used.

    >Male Allies
    >>Ally Toolkit
    >Solidarity Events
    >>Organize a Solidarity Event

  4. sachabroadcast

    Thanks so much for your suggestions panaghiotisadam both worked like a charm!

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