I can't accept the invitation to another blog.

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    I’m starting up a communal blog with some friends at http://blog404.org/
    I thought it would be best if we all had our own separate WP accounts and were added as editors to the blog. I invited myself using the other username I had previously created, and by that I mean blog404 (user: 404magazine) invited emptyheads.

    I got the email that had a button to accept the invitation. I click it and I was asked to log in. I enter my password and I never get past this page. It just keeps asking me for a password. I’ve tried both emptyheads and 404magazine, but neither of them work.

    How do I accept the invite?



    I’m having the exact same issue today. Maybe the invite section is down today?



    I deleted the blog under emptyheads because it was inactive then tried again. For some reason it worked. I don’t understand.


    I am having the same problem! Maybe it is currently down.



    I am having the same problem as well.


    I’ve been having the same issue with trying to invite a contributor to our algonquin studios blog. He cannot get past the log in screen either it just keeps refreshing for him. I’ve tried to invite him with his username and 2 different email addresses associated with his account and no go.



    One of the other girls I invited to blog404 didn’t even make a blog and she can’t accept the invitation. I guess this is a problem with WordPress? Any way we can make it more known to the people who are supposed to fix it?



    Hello folks,
    Staff have made some changes. Please see here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/cant-add-usernames-to-privacy-list?replies=18#post-729952 Note that this thread is flagged for Staff attention.



    We made some major changes to the invitation system since this was posted.

    Please ask the blog’s owner to send you a new invitation.

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