I can't access tags from my blog anymore

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    It’s frustrating me as I can not search tags from my blog anymore. for example if I wanted to search for posts about Instagram all I had to do was click Instagram from my own post!!!!!

    The blog I need help with is liontamar.wordpress.com.



    Have you recently changed your privacy settings to block search engines? That will keep you from getting to the Global tag pages when clicking on a category or tag.

    OK, having checked a couple of my own blogs, which are public and noting that all the links to categories and tags are pointing to my own blog, I’m guessing that Staff are currently working on something behind the scenes.



    I found someone else had posted the same issue on the forum so I can stop panicking now lol

    thank you for letting me know you have the same issue :)


    For others looking for the ongoing discussion, the post has the rather nonsensical title of:
    Did You notice This?



    hi outlandanthology,

    thank you I found it last night

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