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    Please, can you help me? I have two websites with you. This one https://liverpoolpicturepalace.wordpress.com/ and this one https://cohibaproductions.wordpress.com/ . The first used to be .org because the project was funded by Heritage Lottery until the funding ran out. So we moved all of the content and body of work over to .com because this is free. I used to be able to access the admin pages until recently. Now when I try this task is not possible. I am asked to ‘check primary source connection’ however the primary source of course does not exist anymore. After clicking the link provided I am led to a Talk Talk page that says this URL cannot be found. On the same page, it tells me about the jet pack! Which asks from my URL. When I enter the URL I am told I don’t need it because it is .com. I am going around and around in circles. Please, do you have any answers? I would like to know how do I a) unlink it via wordpress if possible or b) do you know of another way this is possible, please. Many thanks Kim

    The blog I need help with is picturepalace.org.

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