I can't add youtube Video's to my blog any more

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    Hi there, and I hope you all have a good weekend.
    I put a few youtube things on my blogs from time to time, mainly music, mainly the Lyrics of the song as opposed to the official video. And never a problem.

    Tonight I can’ tag a youtube video in to my blog
    I done the usual
    and nothing tonight.
    I got a friend to try it with the video I was trying, and when they previewed it, it shows up. When I do a preview, nothing.

    Can anyone help me with this one?

    Kindest Regards

    The blog I need help with is prayingforoneday.wordpress.com.


    Panic over.
    The issue seems to be gone.
    Glitch in the matrix for the night perhaps lol



    Isn’t that always the way? :) Glad it is working for you now though.


    As a pc Tech, I just could not figure out what the issue was, as others could host.
    Ghost in the Machine it was, lol

    Shaun :-)


    Found many others having the same issue.
    The problem is at the side of Youtube and how they Hyperlink, it has changed.
    Here is a way to place a video from Youtube to people who can’t

    “Go to edit..
    Copy the Youtube URL…
    Open .Notepad
    Then Copy the EXACT URL you pasted.
    Paste the EXACT URL into your blog.
    Use the [ youtube= ] tags
    There is a problem copying URL’s from youtube direct to WordPress just now. This is the ONLY way I can make them show. It might be a regional thing, no idea…
    You following? lol
    Seems strange and odd, trust me, if you just copy and paste the video won’t show..
    Let me know and I will tell you if it works…”

    I hope this helped, I managed to help a friend here: http://willowdot21.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/awards-and-thank-yous/ Down in the replies, she could not get the video to show. This is the way to get it to show, Takes a few seconds. It is happening to a few, but I don’t know if it is just a UK issue.


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