I can't again change the image size in gallery mode (shortcode not working)

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    I can’t again change the image size in gallery mode. I entered size=”medium” into the gallery shortcode, which works in Autofocus changing the image size but not in Nishita. If I go back to Autofocus, the image size is the correct medium choice. Another inconsistency is that in Nishita, one of the several images in the gallery does appear to be medium size, but the others thumbnails.

    I’ve been trying to resolve this issue for several days now and going around in circles.
    I don’t know what else to do, so please suggestions would be greatly appreciate.
    Blog url: http://karmazuphotoart.wordpress.com/



    Okay, I’m able to recreate this problem in Nishita as well. I’ve passed this information onto our team so they can take a look into what’s causing this issue.

    Unfortunately, I can’t give an exact timeline as to when it will be fixed. However, if there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime, let us know.



    Thanks! Please keep me informed because if it can’t be fixed, I will switch themes.


    Just wanted to report that this issue has been fixed in Nishita.

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