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I can't buy credits cuz I can't have a Paypal account!

  1. Hey,
    I'm from TeenScoops.
    I need to buy some credits for CSS editing and for a domain name! But the thing is that I can't buy credits via paypal! Because my country isn't in the paypal service! I live in Lebanon so...
    I need help to find another EASY and FAST way to buy wordpress credits! PLEASE HELP! Thanks!

    contact me in case: [email removed - we do not allow them in the forums - Mark]

  2. Hi there,

    I'm sorry but PayPal is the only way you can purchase credits for upgrades. There are a number of payment options available through PayPal. Hopefully one of those can work for you!


  3. Possibly you can partner with someone in another country which IS Paypal-enabled, get them the money, and have them do the transaction. It's EASY to buy "gifts" for other people in But find someone you trust with your money, of course.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for your help, I'll try to find someone!
    It's just I want to have an upgrade and I dont want to leave WordPress, if it doesn't work I'll have to join Blogger, and I've tried it (didnt really like it, prefer WordPress by far)

    Thanks anyway!!
    Charbel N. Karam

  5. Hi there,
    i can help you open a paypal account even if your country is not listed but that will cost $80.
    I have done this for 4 guys from pakistan and i can do it for you too.
    This is how it works:
    I will give you a us address with my software and an ebook that will show you how to open your paypal account on your own or pay me $150 and i will do it for you. [Then, encouraged that you have parted with that much so readily, I will use every scam in the book to separate you from the remainder of your money - staff]
    Send me an email quickly at [removed by staff]
    I have helped 50 Nigerian's open their's since the country is not listed by paypal so worry not for i can help. [Oh, that's encouraging! - staff]

  6. Note that nobody can vouch for anyone posting in this thread's trustworthyness. I wouldn't give this dude $150 or even one penny.

  7. "Send me an email QUICKLY"? Nice, very nice...

  8. Dude, you're a scam and you're getting busted even as we speak. Are you not afraid of prison? Because that's the penalty. And the US government is not afraid of extradition, as you should know.

  9. club9's "blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service".

  10. Scam post left intact for educational purposes. Dear readers, please do not believe a word of it.

  11. pornstarbabylon

    Have any relatives that live elsewhere? Because you can mail them a check for them to set up the transaction. I say a relative so because they already know your real name and address and it won't be a privacy issue.

  12. Hi Teenscoops,

    How much is it going to cost for the CSS upgrade and Domain Name?

    My kids, 10 and 8, are fans of High School Musical, Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock and seeing that you need help and your blog content matches their interests, I don't mind helping out if costs are reasonable. Besides this will also give me a chance to use the GIFTS option for the first time.

    In the interest of privacy, you may contact me here:

  13. can someone give me credits? i'm 13 and i dont have a paypal account. i need credits for css upgrade.. please.. =) i would really appreciate it if u'd give a hand.

  14. This is not a charity forum. If you want a CSS upgrade, ask your parents.

  15. Hmmm, well, when it comes to parting with money - and I don't have much to part with
    in the first place - I don't trust the internet one little bit - not even Paypal !

    I won't give my private bank details or my personal details to anyone online.
    I've read too many news reports regarding the level of online money theft crime.

    As for sending money to a 'complete stranger' in the above circumstances - well
    the alarm bells started ringing straight away - even without the staff intervention !

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