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I can't change my URL

  1. Hello,
    I create a blog recently that subsequently removed. Now I want to put the url of the blog that I clear in my new blog. The problem is that the url still exist and I cant put into my new blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Take a look through support if you can't sort out your problem come back to the forums and ask again. I hope you can find something to help. But remember someone else may have taken that URL in the time your old blog was deleted.

  3. @trumpettune
    If you don't know the answer to a question, then please don't just tell people with questions to go look in Support. While it is good for folks to search the support documents, it is not a helpful response to people who post about a technical problem.

  4. @1tess i am sorry about this i thought i was helping but obviously not :( wont happen again. I have had a look at your blog and how on earth did you get so many viewers? i have tried so much but non of this is working.

  5. @themotorgarage

    Did you delete the blog you are asking about? Or was it suspended for violation of Terms of Service?

    Or do you want to change the name of your new blog to a name you still have access to?

  6. @trumpettune
    Don't worry: I know you were trying to help. You just need to provide more specific information. Sometimes forum users don't know how good the Support documents are (or even that they exist!). The search function there can be touchy: if one doesn't use the precise word or words the answer won't come up.

    I've been blogging for nearly 5 years so considering that, I don't have so many stats.

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