I can't change my username

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    I am trying to change my username for my wordpress.com account. From my Edit Profile page, I have a link next to my current username that says “Change”. On hover and click the link shows what seems to be a link to change my username, but the page returns to the same edit profile page. I do not remember for sure, but I do not believe I have changed my username before for this account.
    Thanks in advance for any help someone can give.


    I have the same problem, Shawn. When I click on “Change”, the page reloads, but I am unable to change my username.

    I’ve tried three different browsers, all with the same result.



    Same here. Can’t seem to change my username. I’m getting the same page reload/refresh.



    A simple forum search turns up this information. The change username feature is broken and Staff are working on it.

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