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I cant change posts per page with "Black Letterhead"?

  1. I am trying to help a friend configure their blog. I am pretty familiar with using wordpress, but on her blog I cant change the posts per page count? She is using the "dark letterhead" theme, her WP/blog is here:

    I have changed the "reading" settings, but the changes wont show? I have tried over and over again, Even if I set it to show 2 posts per page it still shows 20+? whats the deal? I am beginning to think that it is theme related?

    I use Digg-3 column and I have no problem changing MY settings? My WP/blog is here:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dear god. Tell your friend to stop pasting text in from Microsoft Word and around the web, or she risks fatally screwing up her blog. I don't know if that's the issue here, but she has GOT to do that, or things will get reaaaaaallllllllly ugly at some point.

    Try switching it to another theme just temporarily and see if you're able to change the posts per page then. I have never encountered an error like that; just to double-check, you're Saving the changes you make, right? I have to ask.

  3. You've got many posts per page because they have all been erroneously published as sticky posts. Stickies override the number of posts per page.

    Go to Posts>Edit, click "Screen Options", set a very high number in the "Posts per page" box (so that all posts will be listed on one page), click Apply.

    Then tick the square to the left of "Post" (so that all posts will be selected), select Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown, click Apply, select "Not Sticky" from the Sticky dropdown, click Update Posts.

  4. Wow, I didnt even think to look at the stickies? lol, That is it, Thank you so much!

    I will also mention the "pasting", but Im not even sure what exactly she is doing?

    Thank you both for your replies!

  5. Cool, thanks raincoaster! I'll pass it on.

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