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I can't change the favicon

  1. When I try to change it, it shows the old favicon. Is this just a little problem or is it that I'm not allowed to change it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We're currently having a few intermittent problems with changing blavatars, we're working to get this sorted asap - my apologies!

  3. Has any progress been made? I also would like to change the favicon that shows up. It shows the old photo and will not update. Also, the icon next to My Account shows a photo I have deleted. Very odd.

  4. I see a headshot as your Blavatar. What is the old image/what is the new image?

  5. This should be resolved now.

    If you changed your Blavatar (site icon/avatar) last week, you may have to re-upload the image to fully refresh it across all servers.

    Also, if you've had trouble deleting a Blavatar last week, try uploading an image then deleting it again.

  6. I am also still not able to delete my favicon or change it to a
    new one using firefox. The old one seems to want to hang around!

  7. @hugsabroad
    Your Blavatar/favicon are showing up for me (airplane).
    Did you upload the image recently?
    Please confirm you have cleared your browser cache.

  8. Yay great thank you! I have been trying to get this to work for
    so long!

  9. I can't seem to change the favicon for my own, please help!

  10. @acarusbowkerarts: Hi. On, your favicon is a miniature version of your Blavatar (blog's avatar). Please follow these easy step-by-step instructions to change it.

  11. @acarusbowkerarts: Oh. I see what you mean. The icon on the bar is yours, but the one in my browser is the default one. Better contact staff to ask for help.

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