I can’t change themes.

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    My admin panel won’t let me change themes. When I tried to change from Sapphire to Chaotic Soul, it says that I am using Chaotic Soul in my adminstration panel, but on my actual blog it is still using the old skin. I tried refreshing several times and getting friends to try loading the site and it remains to show the original skin.




    Same here. I can’t change colors in my theme, either. It just started a few minutes ago. I normally use FF, but tried IE and the same problem occurred.


    I had the same problem… sometimes it worked, sometimes not (I tried changing my theme many times before deciding :) )

    The only way for me to make this work was to log out and then log in again. Can’t explain why this was happening but at the end this was the only solution… Hope it will help !



    I think if the problem isn’t solved by that workaround or a cache-clear and forced reload of the page, you should send a feedback to staff.



    If you have gone here => Dashboard => Presentation => Themes and clicked on a theme of your choice then you should be able to view your blog and find it there. Once changing themes you may have to rearrange your widgets. Also not that some themes do not have widgets. And as raincoasters has said if that isn’t happening for you after you have cleared your browser: windows (with IE or FF) – ctrl F5 or macs (FF) – Cmd-shift-R and refreshed the page then send a feedback to staff using the button on the top right hand corner of any blog page.


    I can’t change colors in my theme, either. It just started a few minutes ago.

    It is not possible to change the colours of your theme unless you have purchased a css customization upgrade.



    Timethief – It is very possible to change the colors of the Regulus theme without a CSS upgrade. That’s one of it’s best features. I also know how to change themes – it just wasn’t working.

    I contacted support and it’s working again this morning. ;)



    Of course one can change some of the “accent” colours on the Regulus theme. It’s been so long since I used that theme that I had forgotten. But it seems you’re now using Andreas 09 on the blog linked to your username so I guess the point is moot. Happy blogging :)



    I’m taking a dive on my blog… *Please hold.*

    Edit 1#: Ok, first theme changed and was working without waiting a second after it said the theme was changed.

    Edit 2#: Second theme change was successful too. Pretty wierd you have those bugs and i don’t.



    I changed themes last night, but today, my site keeps switching back and forth. Could something be going on?



    Try clearing your browser cache. You may be seeing the older version on your hard drive.



    On a point of information:
    I have reason to believe that there is something going on and that this may not be the optimum time for making theme changes and changes to widgets. The information will not be “lost” but there have been and probably will continue to be some time delays leading to frustration. Please feel free to delete this post now that I have shared my experiences with you.



    Might be true considering the current issue with the sticky.

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